Build a Clear and Safe
Sales Management Process

Manage your sales team, streamline your procedures, reach your goal, and achieve high ROI and generate higher revenue

Sales Funnels
Describe stages in your sales funnel, speed up the pipeline movement, and understand exactly how many leads are at each step, for how long

Guided Actions
Set protocols to alert salespeople and supervise your sales team of the next best step based on your pre-defined sales method.

Follow-ups and Tasks
Automatically distribute follow-ups, established reminders, and tasks to your salespeople to assure that they do not miss out on any lead.

Tasks Management
Build a sales process that is different from your business and describe every step to secure high productivity and 0 manual errors.

Dashboards & Reports
The high number of reports to measure every section of your business process – from operations spending to sales closure-rates
Automate sales Process
Recognize your leads with the automated process, track lead management set tasks and notify the sales teams & get rid of manual tasks.
Get clear steps of your sales methods
Create focused steps on your complete sales method. Analyze every point of your sales – leads, source, funnel, salespeople, and ROI. Understand exactly where the leads are in your process; track their progress down the sales funnel, sales closings, and more.
Conversation Checking
Rectify that all conversations, email or telephonic, one-on-one or bulk, check your quality standards, as everything gets monitored and documented, it is available for the administrator to review.
Get sales Alert
Set the protocol to automatically alert sales executives and build steps for them as soon as something significant happens. The Sales Administrator would get informed if a follow-up is missed, either if a lead has been sitting left in the system for a long time.
Automate Reports
Achieve the sales reports delivered to your inbox as repeatedly as you like. Reports for job completion, ROI targets, sales performance, and pipeline status are a few of the many different sales reports you can take to.